Our Founder

Bartz-Altadonna Community Health Center (BACHC) was founded on May 10, 2010 to provide patient-centered, high-quality, trauma-informed health and wellness to all residents of the Antelope Valley regardless of ability to pay. While I did most the administrative work in getting the clinic started, designed and built many, many others contributed to the effort and they were all integral to the process. However, it needs to be said that, BACHC would not exist today without the help of The Catalyst Foundation and its Chief Executive Officer, Susan Lawrence, M.D. The community and staff of BACHC will be eternally grateful for her help as well as the generosity of Kaiser Permanente that made a large contribution for the build out of the Clinic. Two others were very helpful in the beginning and their hard work and efforts, are much appreciated, Pam Griffin and Emma Gutierrez.

Starting a new clinic or any business is a daunting and difficult task especially in the rapidly evolving and changing healthcare environment that was Los Angeles County in 2010-2012. We and what I really mean is I (because it is my belief that the Buck does stop on the CEO’s desk) made many mistakes along the way but we also had many successes and we learned from our mistakes. All of the staff and the Board of Directors were dedicated and worked long and hard toward making the clinic a success. They were constantly seeking to improve and expand BACHC’s services. My thanks go out to each every one of them and to all the patients that were in our care.

Bartz-Altadonna Community Health Center is exactly that; a Community Health Center. It is owned and governed by the community. As a patient you have a say and are encouraged if the opportunity presents to get involved by volunteering or even by being a Director. Not everyone has the skills needed to be a Director but almost everyone has something to offer. BACHC has excellent governance and staff but there is always room for improvement; if you have a great idea let someone know. Keep in mind that what seems like a great idea sometimes turns out to be anything but, believe me I know from experience! However, keep in mind that silence never changed anything. Get involved after all it is your clinic! Remember the more work and effort put into BACHC the better it will be.

Darrell Lind